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Gracious Lifestyles - Interiors - Events…Setting Lifestyle Standards

At Gracious Lifestyles - Interiors we work in a series of steps.

 Initial Consultation.

At the consultation we look at the project the client has in mind.  We measure, take photos and discuss the clients needs. There is no charge for the Initial Consultation.

Design Boards

Following the Consultation, we put together personalized design boards for each client.  These design boards allow the client to select the design, color palette, and style of their space. The design of the personalized boards is based upon the conversation and materials gathered at the Consultation appointment.

The Design Boards are created using different mediums, depending on the client's preference.

Digital Presentation

Not only do we prepare design boards, we will prepare a digital page for the client. This allows the client to access their design plan at anytime, using their smart phone, tablet, or computer.

"Handshake" Moment

After reviewing the Design Boards, we will discuss the process, budget, and preparation necessary to go forward.

At Gracious Lifestyles we are diligent stewards of our clients money.  We always pass our designer discounts to you, while always staying within the client's budget.

Respecting our Client's Needs

At Gracious Lifestyles, we are respectful of our client's privacy along with respecting our client's home. Our tradespeople arrive on time, are polite and aim to please!


Gracious Lifestyles is here to serve you. We have been putting our client's needs first for over 30 years!

Gracious Lifestyles - Interiors - Events … Setting Lifestyle Standards



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Building a Design Board

GS 518-2 067.JPG

Is a Creative Process

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Locking in the Story


The Composition

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The Heart of the Room